How To Add Options to Internet Explorer's Pop-Up Menu

Here's an example.

The Internet Movie Database contains a wealth of information about the world's films and the people that have made them.
Sometimes when you encounter an actor's name or the name of a film in a web page you would like to be able to find more information about the person or film on this database. This tip makes it easy to do that, provided you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE), and that you are running IE on some recent version of Microsoft Windows.

First of all, create a file called source.htm with the following contents in a convenient folder.

Now add a key in your registry of

HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\MenuExt\IMDB Lookup

and assign it a string value equal to the full path of the file that you just created.
At this point you should find that, when you highlight a string of characters in IE and right-click on those characters IE will offer you a menu including the selection "IMDB Lookup" (which comes from that new registry key).

How it works:
  1. When IE is launched it becomes aware that your menu item is to be made available upon a right-click over highlighted text.
  2. When you right-click it executes the script inside your file and the script is given access to the document held by IE.
  3. If the script does not find highlighted text then it asks you for a search string; otherwise it uses the highlighted text as a search string.
  4. Finally it interrogates the IMDB web server on your behalf using the search string and you see the result.

You can very likely find more information about this approach on the Microsoft website. I also saw it mentioned on the Google site some time ago. The technique can be applied in many useful ways.



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