How To Find Friends Online

Today, making friends online is as common as having friends offline, and just as rewarding. If you're ready to add people to your friend's list, there are only a couple of things you need to do.

  1. Search for sites where there is communication between members. Some popular sites that do this are:
    • Gaming Sites
    • Rating Sites
    • Match Making Sites
    • Blogging Sites
  2. Gaming sites allow members to interact between each other in various games. Find a game you love to play that allows chat between you and your opponent.
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  3. Rating sites allow people to post pictures, videos, music, etc. to be rated. Most of the time these sites allow interaction between members and can be a fun way to mingle with each other. Look for these sites to be affiliates (or friends) with another website similar to their own.
    • Keywords for search engines: Rating Websites
  4. Match Making sites have been around for a long time. Not everyone who sets up an account with them are looking for a love relationship though. Many times you will find people who are looking for friendships of the same sex, opposite sex, or the friendship of a couple. Poplular match making sites are advertised on tv and often advertised around the internet too.
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  5. Blogging sites are an online journal. This is a quick way to see deeper into another person and find out if you are interested in being their friend. These sites often have communities within the site that allow groups of people to gather for similar interests. These sites typically have privacy settings you can create so not just anyone can read you journal, if you're uncomfortable with that. You can have public posts, friends only posts, and private posts.
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Remember, the internet has endless possibilities. If you actively search, you will surely find a friend who shares similar interests. Good luck and have fun!


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