How To Layout Your Blog

You have your blog and now you want it to look personalized just for you. It's a nice way to let other people see your style and make a great first impression. If you're looking to customize the style yourself or you want to search for styles already created, there are a few ways you can go about it.

  1. Simple customization:

    Read the FAQ of your blogging site. They should address basic questions you may have how to change certain design aspects. If they do not address the customization aspects in the FAQ, check within your manage journal options. Most of the time you will see an area where they allow you to change colors and switch between their pre-made styles yourself.

  2. Medium/hard customization:

    If your blogging site has communities within it, do a quick search for 'free layouts', 'pre-made layouts', or 'layouts'. All of these will bring you many results for people who have already created layouts just for you! This is a popular past time for many people, and you will often find a great variety of styles that include: celebrity layouts, lyrical layouts, seasonal layouts, and miscellaneous layouts, depending on the tastes of the maker. These styles created by other people sometimes require uploading the  pictures on the layout into an image hosting site. The makers will have a "How to install" post somewhere in their community.

  3. Advanced Customization:

    Search your blogging sites for communities that offer tutorials and help to members. Search for "layout help" when doing this within the site. Often times they will have base codes already created, ready to be put into your journal and tweaked.

    Use your favorite search engine to do some research on the coding used in creating a layout. Search for "Beginning CSS" and "Beginning HTML". These are both the basic coding behind a blog.

Good luck finding or creating that perfect layout for your online journal.


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