How To Get Started Blogging

So you're ready to have a blog? That's great. Blogging can be a very rewarding experience and can often lead to new friendships and be a great creative outlet for you. It's very easy to get started blogging. You simply need to find your perfect blogging site and learn how to navigate through it.

  1. The initial search:

    Go to your favorite search engine and search for "online journals" or "free online journals". 
  2. Pick the perfect website:

    Pick a site that looks pleasing to you, has the most members, or doesn't have any ads. Whatever tickles your fancy is what you should go with. You will be looking at, and navigating through the site every time you write in your journal.
  3. Join up:

    Choose your screen name and read the Frequently Asked Question's section for any questions you may have. It may require a brief bio and some information on your part. Only give your information to a website you feel confident in.
  4.  Security Settings:

    Determine whether you want your blog to be public, friends only, or private. For each post you create, you will be required to manually create a privacy setting, this will be the security settings that most blogging sites allow you to have to facilitate the privacy you desire.

  5. Customize the look of your blog:

    This can be a reward in itself. Most blogging sites will have a manage journal section, or a modify journal section, that allows you to customize the look yourself. This will not be a complex customization and normally only allows you to change from a few different styles, and make color changes. If you want more customizations, do a search within the blogging site for 'pre-made layouts' or 'free layouts'.  Many communities are just for this purpose.

  6. Find friends with blogging:

    Most blogging sites have communities within their site. A community is a place for groups of people to share and talk about similar interests. These places can be the best places to find friends. To find a community you would be interested in joining, use the site's search engine and type in your interest. Do not make it a sentence, typically one or two words is what it requires to search an interest. Search the sites FAQ's for more information on this

This is all there is to starting your own blog.  Just remember blogging is all about creating your own personal space. Have fun with it!  If one site doesn't work out, go somewhere else. There are many blogging sites available.


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