How To Create a Blog

Blogging is an Internet phenomenon that allows anyone to voice an opinion and to share comments with interested parties. It can be used as a platform to relieve stress, a means of ecommerce, an attractive alternative to traditional publishing, and most of all-it's fun!
There are two ways to set up a blog. The first is to add the software to your own website and go through the hassles of keeping it updated with spam protection, software updates, and all of the other headaches that most of us are too technically and time-challenged to care to deal with. Fortunately, that leaves the second means of blogging, which can be done from any one of a number of websites dedicated to the art of blogging.
No matter which site you decide to create your blog on, the basic steps remain the same:

  1. Register or create an account.
  2. Create a blog title. Keep it short and catchy.
  3. Use one of the templates offered by the blog site to create a personalized look, or if you are html literate, design your own. Most blog templates are created using a CSS, or cascading style sheet, which allows you to decide on the colors, images, fonts, etc. once, and those decisions will follow through on all pages of the blog.
  4. Decide on a blog focus. The more focused your blog, the more apt you are to receive a consistent increase in visitors. Are you blogging about your personal life, about your business, or about politics? Do you want to track the changes of your favorite celebrities on your blog?
  5. Write a short blog description. This will help visitors to blog indexes decide if they want to visit your blog, and isn't the whole purpose of putting your thoughts on the Internet for others to read them?
  6. Now, title and write your first blog entry! Remember first impressions mean everything, so use your best grammar. Short paragraphs are easier for Internet readers to follow. Keep your audience in mind and write as formally or casually as they will respond to. Most of all, have fun with it. Your enthusiasm will keep you coming back for more.

 Once you have created your blog, you will need to do the following to gain visitors and to keep them coming back:

  1. Promote your blog by visiting other blogs and leaving comments and by adding a link to the blog to your email signature.
  2. Update often. Search engines love blogs, so the more often you update, the more occurrences you will earn in the search engines.

One word of warning, blogging is highly addictive! 


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