How To Search the Internet

Searching the internet is very easy to do, but it can be very daunting when you get back nine million results. There are ways to getting the results you need.

  1. Find A Search Engine:

    There are many search engines out there. All of them have different features that make them unique. Yahoo is a search engine that has news, entertainment, games, etc. on their home page along with their search engine. Google and Ask are both only search engines. Some people like this because it takes less time to load on their computer. Others like the entertainment value of the more complex sites. All search engines are sufficient in searching, choosing one just depends on your personal taste.

  2. Searching:

    When you search for something, be specific. If you're looking for a blue bird, type 'blue bird', not just 'bird'.

  3. Searching Advanced:

    When searching for multiple interests that apply to the same topic, put a '+' between your words. If you need to find a cheap coat, search for "cheap + coat". It will increase the odds of finding a result that you're looking for. If you have more than two words in a search, the "+" also applies in that situation.

  4. Not finding your needed results?

    Try different search engines. Websites often pay search engines companies to feature their site closer to the beginning of the search results. If one search engine isn't producing the desired effects, try another.


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