How To Get a Free FTP Program

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is the preferred method for webmasters of uploading and downloading files for webpages.  It has also become invaluable for peer-to-peer file sharing.  There is a variety of FTP programs available on the internet.  Some have a limited free trial, whereas others are free of charge for certain purposes such as education.  The following is a list of free FTP programs available for download for personal use. 

  1. SmartFTP is a Windows compatible free FTP program.  Its interface is similar to Windows Explorer and features an easy to use drag and drop method of transfer.  Download:
  2. Ace FTP is another free FTP program for a computer running Windows.  Its look and feel is reminiscent of Windows XP and offers a user-friendly drag and drop mode.  As an added bonus, Ace FTP allows multiple transfers at the same time.  Download:
  3. FTP Commander boasts many useful features such as secure connections and automatic resuming of transfers when the connection is broken.  This FTP program is compatible with Windows only.  Download:
  4. Cyberduck is the leading free FTP program for Mac OS X.  Files can be added by cut and paste or drag and drop methods.  You may also store your password information in a handy keychain.  Download:

Be sure to evaluate your needs in an FTP program before deciding which is best for your purposes.  While free FTP programs are sufficient for the basics of file transfer, a more advanced user may need the speed or capacity of a purchased program.


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