How To Make a Free Website

Having a website has essentially become mandatory for any business or organization.  Personal websites are also a good tool for promoting yourself and your life.  Keeping up webpages can become somewhat expensive for a casual user. Luckily, there are several sites that offer free webpage hosting. 

  1. Geocities-Yahoo! offers a free website hosting option for their popular Geocities site.  Features include 3 GB of bandwidth per month, 15 MB disk storage space, PageBuilder for users with no programming knowledge, and advanced tools for the more experienced webmaster.  Online help is available at the click of the mouse.  The domain name for a free site at Geocities would be
  2. Tripod-The free plan at Tripod comes with many useful features including 1 GB of bandwidth per month, 20 MB disk space, several design templates to go along with their easy to use SiteBuilder tool, an HTML editor for creating your own page, and free clipart.  Tripod is also compatible with Microsoft FrontPage, the popular site creating software. A free site URL at Tripod would be 
  3. Bravenet-Perhaps best known for their website add-ons like guestbooks and hit counters, Bravenet also offers a "free" website hosting deal.  Their free package includes 1.5 GB bandwidth per month, 50 MB storage space, a web based FTP system, various website templates, and community supported help forums.  While it is free to host your website at Bravenet, you must already have a domain name to transfer or you will need to pay to register one at the site.

  4. Blog Sites-Blogs are a very popular way to maintain a personal website.  These online diaries are an easy way to have a website and easy to update.  Several free blog sites exist including,, or networking sites such as  These sites are a good choice for personal websites, but would fall short if you are looking to promote a product.

Choosing which free website is best for you depends on your needs.  Estimate how much traffic you expect, storage you will need, and what tools are necessary for you to succeed.  Remember, these are free sites, so if one does not work for you, try another one!


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