How To Open an Attachment in MSN Email With an EXE Extension

An EXE file extension indicates the file is a executable program of some sort.  Most email programs, including MSN, will not allow you to send or open these types of files directly from the email.  If an EXE file does make it past the filters, here are the steps you can take in order to open the file safely.  

  1. Make sure the attachment is from a trusted source.  Scammers and malicious viruses are passed through email as attachments.  Be suspicious of any attachment with an EXE file since it will be necessary to download the attachment and install it before opening is complete.  
  2. Right click on the link to the attachment in the email.  In the drop down menu, choose "save target as..." and save it to your desktop.
  3. Double click on the icon.  Follow the rest of the installation instructions as they appear on your screen to complete the process.

Again, most email providers do not allow EXE files to be sent or received.  If it is necessary to receive this type of file from someone else, it is best to download it off of a disk or website instead of sending it through email.  


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