How To Get AIM Express

Instant messaging has become a popular way to communicate with friends and family across the world.  AOL's instant messaging system AIM is one of the most widely used systems.  AIM Express is a service available to AIM and AOL users that allows you to send instant messages using the web when you are on a computer that does not have AIM or AOL downloaded.  Here is how to get AIM Express.  

  1. You must have an AOL or AIM account.  AIM Express is a free service for current AOL or AIM users.  AIM is free as well, so sign up if you do not already have a username and password.
  2. Go to in order to begin using AIM Express.  If you use a popup blocker, be sure it is disabled or AIM Express will not work.
  3. Click on the blue start button in the middle of the page and log in using your AIM or AOL username and password.  You can register at that time if you do not already have a login.
  4. Your Buddy List will pop up in a new window and you may use it just as you would AIM.

  Now you are able to stay in touch with your buddies no matter where your travels take you!  


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Thanks for the guide.....

By Princewill Onwuma