How To Stop Getting Email Notifications

Giving your email address to a website to sign up for a service can sometimes generate more mail than you really want.  Each site has its own quirks to canceling these types of notifications, but most can be done following these steps.  

  1. Check the email for "unsubscribe" directions.  At the very bottom of most of these annoying emails is usually a light colored and tiny print.  These are the directions of how to unsubscribe from their email notification system.  It could be replying to that email with "unsubscribe" in the title, or it may have a link for you to follow in order to get your name off the mailing list.
  2. Mark the email as "junk mail".  If your email provider offers the option to mark email to be sent to a junk folder, this may be a good option for email notifications you no longer want to receive.  This does not stop the delivery of these emails, but they will no longer fill your inbox.
  3. Change your preferences at the website.  If you can identify where these emails are coming from, go to that website and change your user preferences to stop receiving email notifications.  Sometimes when you sign up for things, you do not always see the checked boxes for email notifications or special offers from partner sites.
  4. Contact the offending site's webmaster.  If all else fails, send a complaint to the webmaster at the site that sends out these emails.  Insist they take you off their mailing list.  If they fail to comply, contact the Federal Trade Commission with your complaint.

Hopefully, you won't need to resort to turning in the offenders, but don't hesitate to if all other avenues have been exhausted.  By law, these sites are required to give you an unsubscribe option and abide by it.    


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