How To Get Avatars For Forums

Having a personal icon or avatar at a discussion forum can show the other users who you are and what your style is like.  You often become associated with whichever avatar you choose, so it is important to get something you like.  Here are some tips to getting an avatar for forums.  

  1. Find a picture that you like.  Most forums can support animated avatars as well as the typical still picture.  After you find a picture that you like, download it to your computer.
  2. Make the picture the correct size.  Find out what size your avatar needs to be from the discussion forum administrators or FAQ page.  Use an image editor to crop and size your picture so it still looks like what it is supposed to be.  
  3. Upload your picture.  Some discussion forums offer image hosting for your avatar.  Ask the forum's administrators if that is an option.  If hosting at the forum is not available, you will need to find another hosting site such as Photobucket or Flickr.
  4. Insert your avatar URL.  On your user control panel at the forum, change your preferences to insert your avatar.  Type in the URL of where your avatar image is hosted in the spot designated for it in your control panel and save your changes.
  5. Test your avatar.  Make a post in the forum to test your avatar and preview your post before sending it.  If your avatar does not work or look the way you would like, try the process again until you get it right.  

If you are still having problems finding the avatar preference at the forum, contact the site's administrators or moderators for more help.  


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