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Information About Internet Service Providers for Rural Areas

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Living in a rural area may be trying at times when looking for Internet service providers. This is because Internet service has been hard to find in these areas. Happily, the technology is starting to spread faster into the hinterlands. The good news is that the Internet, even high speed internet service, is available everywhere nowadays. The bad news is it could cost you more money if you're not in a city. Here's how to get rural Internet service.

  • Talk to your telephone company. Almost all telephone companies now offer at least a dial up Internet service package available for all of their customers. Although dial up Internet access is not preferred, it's better than nothing. And in some cases, it may be your only option. Some may even have a DSL connection in your area or coming soon. Call your telephone company (or dial up Internet provider) to see what sort of services they provide or suggest.

    Some of these companies will require the consumer to purchase the company’s internet router in order to receive service. This device will cost approximately $30. And the monthly cost of service will vary depending on the company, area in which you live, and what current services you are enrolled in.

  • Use a national Internet service provider. Companies like AOL, NetZero, Netscape, and Earthlink are available everywhere. However, if there is not a local phone number for your area you may incur long distance fees while you are connected. Check with the companies to see if a local number is available before you sign up.

    This service does not require any set up costs from the consumer, which is why it is so popular. Also the monthly fee for Internet can be as low at $10 a month with some of the providers.

  • Cable Internet providers. If you can get cable television in your area, you can also get cable Internet service. Check with your cable TV provider to see if the Internet is available through your cable connection.

    If you are an existing customer there may or may not be a set up fee. On the average this charge will be $60. The Internet service itself costs approximately $40 to the customer.

  • See if satellite Internet access is available. A few wireless phone companies and other businesses have started using satellites to send Internet signals. While this is available in limited areas, it is possible that satellite providers cater to your area. WildBlue and Hughesnet are two companies that offer the service.

    The cost for satellite Internet will vary depending on your local area. However, the average monthly price for the service will run from $60 to $100. Also, you must purchase a satellite to mount on your home. This piece of equipment can cost anywhere from $300 up to $800.

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    Another downside to obtaining Internet through a satellite company is the fact that the service may be interrupted or unavailable due to natural events or conditions. The first of which is the fact that heavy trees around the home may mean you cannot receive service. If the trees cover the skyline the signal will not be able to get to the satellite. Also, heavy storms will suspend service due to thick cloud cover blocking the signal to the dish.

  • Get long range Wi Fi. Long range Wi Fi is the transmission of Internet through a wireless connection. This type of connection to the web is most commonly used for small businesses such as truck stops and restaurants. This has started to spread to more rural areas that are otherwise offered few to no Internet service options. The money spent in gaining the service as well as a monthly payment runs $60 on the average.
  • Get a wireless card through your cell provider. Companies such as Sprint and AT&T saw the need for quality Internet service in rural areas. The answer they found was the wireless Internet card. When you begin service you will purchase the USB device for approximately $30, depending on the carrier. You then pay around $60 a month for a high speed Internet connection.

    This device has risen in popularity with consumers due to the quality of service. Most service providers will be able to offer a strong signal to the USB connector no matter where you are. The signal covers most areas and will be available even during travel.

Just because you live in the "middle of nowhere" so to speak, doesn't mean you can't stay connected. There are many options to consider when looking for Internet service providers in rural areas.


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