How To Join a Free Instant Messaging Service

Instant messaging has become a popular way to stay in touch with friends and family across the world. There are several free instant messaging services available on the internet today. Joining one is a simple process and can lead to a great resource.

  1. Decide which free service is best for you. In order to instant message friends and family, you all need to be signed up for the same service. All of the free services have their unique characteristics, so choose one that will suit everyone's needs.
  2. Yahoo! Messenger-Yahoo! is a popular and trusted site with a free instant messaging service. If you already have a Yahoo! ID for email or other services, you only need to download the messenger program in order to use the instant messaging service. Download:
  3. AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) -AIM boasts the most users worldwide for a free instant messenger service. Signing up for the service is free, whether or not you use AOL as your internet service provider. AIM also offers AIM Express that allows you to message your buddies through the web from computers that do not have the AIM program downloaded. Download:
  4. ICQ-ICQ ("I seek you") is an independent and popular free instant messenger service. It has now grown to include chat rooms and message board communities as well. A grassroots company started in Israel, ICQ has become the instant messenger service of choice for people around the world. Download:
  5. MSN Messenger-MSN offers their version of a free instant messenger service. Users with a hotmail or MSN email account are automatically registered for this service. Upload your hotmail or MSN email address book into your friends list for an even easier way to keep in touch and chat instantly. Download:

There are many other free instant messenger services available for download. You can find more choices by typing "free instant message service" into your favorite search engine. Evaluate which one offers what you need by visiting their websites before you download.


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