How To Report Spam

Scams and hoaxes are prevalent on the internet and email spam has gotten out of hand in many cases.  Beyond annoying, these messages are potentially harmful and need to be reported.  There are several ways you can go about reporting the spam.  

  1. Use the "mark as spam" button.  Most web-based email services now have an option to choose to mark the offending email as spam.  If you click that button (sometimes called "report as junk mail"), the message gets sent to the appropriate people at the company who will report it to the authorities.  If you get an email that is known to be spam, be sure to not just ignore it, but rather report it so it will be properly stopped.
  2. Forward the message to your technology department.  If you are using a work-based email account and there is no option to report the message available on your screen, forward the email to your technology team and see if they know where to report the problem.  They may be able to fix the filters to stop other similar emails from making it to your inbox.
  3. Report the email to the Federal Trade Commission.  The FTC officials are advocates whose job it is to protect consumers from fraudulent claims and offers.  The FTC website has a special page detailing how to report spam and the correct steps to take in order to alert the commission of the offending email.  Check out for more information or to report a scam email.

By ignoring spam, it just prolongs the problem.  The only way to rid the internet of these annoying messages is for everyone to do their part by reporting all fraudulent messages received.  


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