How To Join a Chat Room

Finding and joining a chat room is very easy to do! Today, chat rooms are available all over the web, and at no cost to you! Many free chat communities exist.

  1. Find The Service You're Interested In:

    Many large services provide extras such as e-mail or photo storage. If you're interested in multiple services, use a larger, well-known service, such as Yahoo! or AOL. If you are already using a service that offers chat, you may want to go with them. Simply go to their home page and search for the word "Chat".

  2. Register Account:

    If you are going with a new service, you will need to register an account. Look for their "create a new account" or "register" button. Click on that and follow the instructions. Never give out personal information that you don't feel comfortable giving.
  3. Find desired chat room:

    Many large chat services offer multiple chat categories. Some of these categories are: movies, music, business, finance, and more. Pick the one you are most interested in chatting about, or just find their general chat room, and look for the box that requires your typing. Make sure you are logged in and type what you want to say in the specified box. Hit enter.

It's as simple as that! Enjoy your chatting.


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