How To Send Instant Messages

Sending an instant message is very easy to do! There are only a couple of things you need to do to get started.

  1. Find Your Instant Messaging Client:  Do your research. Using your favorite search engine, search for "instant messaging" or "free instant messaging."  Find a client who fits your needs best. If you are already using a service that also has instant messaging, you may want to go with that.
  2. Download Client: You are going to need to download the application that allows you to instant message someone. Check the memory and RAM requirements for download and make sure your computer can handle it. Some will also tell requirements for model and year. Some older models will not work with certain clients. Mac computers may require a different download than machines operating Windows.
  3. Register Account:  If you are using a client you have had no previous service with, you will need to register an account. They will walk you through that. Never give any information you feel uncomfortable giving. If you're unsure, go with a larger, well-known service that many people use.
  4. Search For Buddies:  If you know your friend's instant messaging username, find your services "IM" button or "Add Contact" button and go through their steps. You should be chatting soon.
  5. Important Note:  Some clients have multiple server support. This allows you to talk to buddies with a different client than your own. Others do not. Make sure you are using a client that allows you to communicate with your friends or use the same service your friends do.


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