How To Upload Photos to a Blog

So you've created your blog, but how do you put pictures in there? There are a few easy ways to get photos into the entries of your blog. You can search your site for an easy upload feature, find a photo hosting site, or create an image tag.

  1. Search your blogging site:  Search your blogging site for an easy upload feature. This will allow you to use a browse button and upload straight from your documents. Some blogging sites offer this as a paid account feature.
    • If your blog has a rich text feature (RTF), it may be included there.
  2. Upload to an image hosting site:  If your blogging site does not have an easy upload feature, or you do not have a paid account, the second way to get a photo on your blog is to upload your picture to an image hosting site. A few of the sites that have image uploading for free are Photobucket, Imageshack, and TinyPic. Some image hosting sites offer paid accounts which allow you to have more pictures and other features. Simply follow their directions for uploading your photo to their site, and copy and paste the image tag into the entry as you're creating it.
    • If your blog has a rich text feature (RTF), make sure it is turned off.
  3. Create an image tag:  If you already have the URL (uniform resource locater) that's the internet address of your picture, simply pasting the URL into your journal will not allow the photo to show. You need to code it like this: <img src="http://urlofthephoto.jpg">
    • If your blog has a rich text feature (RTF), check for a button that allows you to give the URL of the photo; it will code the rest and insert your photo into the entry.
  4. Rich Text Feature: Some journals have a rich text feature as an option to help you blog. If you turn this on, you will have the standard buttons above your entries as you type that allows you to click bold, change font size, center text, etc. It's very similar to the toolbars above e-mails.
  5. Common Problems: If you have uploaded your image to your entry using any of the ways listed, and you see an image with the website logo saying 'image no longer exists,' 'exceeded bandwidth,' or simply a red 'x' where the image should be, there are a few things you should check to try and correct the problem.
    • Image Tag Error: Make sure you image tag is correct. Any deviant from <img src="yourimageurl.jpg"> will result in either a blank area with the website's name you used to upload your photo, or just a red 'x.'
    • Uploading Error: Double-check the URL and make sure the photo uploaded properly. Copy and paste the URL of the photo into your address bar and hit go. If it does not take you to your image, you need to try re-uploading to the website.
    • Bandwidth Error: If a bandwidth message comes up instead of your picture, it means your account has too many images being used at that moment, or one image is being used too many times. Upgrading to a paid account will solve this problem if you use many pictures.


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