How To Create IM Smileys

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Creating IM smilies or emoticons, is a great and fun way to get across an emotion over the web! To learn how to make IM smileys, read on; there are two ways to do it.

  1. Check your IM client for an easy add feature: Most instant messenger clients have a feature where you can click on the emoticon that is shown, and they enter the code into your chat typing box for you. This is easy to do! The normal placement of the emoticon easy add feature is in the navigation directly below the scrolling chat box.
  2. Enter the codes yourself: The 2nd option is to manually enter the codes for the emoticons into your chat typing box. A few are basic codes are: (These work for AIM, AOL, MSN, Yahoo and Others)

    Happy Emoticons:

    •  :-)     smiling                 
    •   :-D   laughing                                    
    •   ;-)    so happy, I'm crying

    Unhappy Emoticons:

    • :(      sad    
    • :-<    really sad
    • :'-(    crying

    Surprised Emoticons:

    • :>    What?
    • :O   shocked
    • :-/    skeptical

    Angry Emoticons:

    • :-||  angry
    • :-r      sticking tongue out
    • :-V     shouting


    • :-*      Oops!
    • \-o      bored
    • :-P      tongue hanging out in anticipation


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