How To Drive Traffic to a Website

You may be thinking about building a website to promote a specific product, company, or perhaps even a fan club. You've seen similar websites become quite successful and think it is an easy way to familiarize millions of potential clients with your brainchild.  Unfortunately, it is not that simple. Often the work that goes into building a website pales in comparison to the task of driving traffic to your website.  Here are ten tips on how to drive traffic to a website:

  1. Search engine optimization means you narrowly focus the content of a given page or website by using specific words or phrases frequently throughout. When the webcrawlers, which find content for search engines, browse your site, they will find the frequent word or phrase use and rank your domain on the search engine by that term. This will allow people to find your website through the search engines.
  2. Link exchanges with sites that are targeted toward the people you anticipate will be interested in your content is a great way to drive traffic to your website, and best of all, it is often free!
  3. Build a better widget, or whatever is your preferred product, then provide the kind of outstanding customer service that will leave your customers satisfied and willing to refer their friends. Word of mouth is one of the strongest marketing tools you have going for you.
  4. Offer your visitors a reason to come back. This can be done in several ways, including sending out a periodic newsletter or opening a forum or chats where visitors can interact.
  5. Add the website address to the signature line of your emails and to your company stationery and business cards.
  6. Hold a contest and announce the winners on your site. As there are many websites that promote nothing but contests, this will also open an avenue for you to receive even more links to your domain.
  7. Offer something for free, like an e-book or discounts to products related to the product or service your website promotes.
  8. Submit your domain to the search engines. The sooner the search engines realize you are on the Internet, the sooner the webcrawlers will seek out the content you have to offer.
  9. Update your content often. The webcrawlers seek out new pages, and this will provide you with even more exposure on the search engines.
  10. Participate on forums where your likely visitors hang out. While direct sales pitches are not apt to draw much traffic and are often forbidden, most forums will allow you to add your website address to your signature and/or profile. The more you become an expert or a recognized member of the forum, the greater the odds you will drive traffic to your website.

Keep in mind that building traffic takes time, patience and, most of all, persistence.  


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