How To Find Free Forums

One of the most entertaining and worthwhile aspects of using the Internet is the chance for social interaction with people around the globe. Millions of people log on to the Internet on a daily basis to use chat rooms and message forums.  Both of these sections of the World Wide Web can be insanely entertaining and well worth the visit if you find the right crowd of people. Of course, if you are new to visiting places like this you might have a hard time finding some worthwhile spots to chat and post.

The good news is that it is very easy to find forums at no cost to you. In fact, a high majority of sites using forums only require you to do a free registration so that you can post your messages under a name that is unique to you. It is not common to charge for use of a forum so you may want to think twice before paying to post messages anywhere online.

However, if you are here because you are looking for ways to find access to some of the best forums online then look no further! You can use the following tips to find the perfect forums that suit your interests and needs.

  1. Use a Search Engine. This is, of course, the obvious choice when looking anything up online. However, do not attempt to just go and look up 'Free Forums' or 'Forums.'  You will find forums this way but the odds are that the ones you initially find will be ones that you are not interested in viewing.

    For the best results, you are going to want to be specific in your search. Look for forums based on specific topics. You might look up 'Dieting Forums,' 'Cooking Forums,' or 'Video Game Forums,' for example. This will allow you to find forums that have posts and information that you are looking for and that will make you want to join in on the conversations.

  2. Ask Friends. If you have friends that use the Internet, ask them what hangouts they recommend. Almost everyone on the Internet has used a forum or chat room at some point. Many of those people are regular or semi-regular users. This means that a friend or someone you know online would probably have a hot spot or two you could check out.
  3. Check out the Social Networking Sites. Chat Sites and social networking sites always have message forums. Sites like MySpace, receive thousands of posts on their forums. Chat and community sites also receive many posts.

    These sites are great to check out because they have forums based on nearly any topic you could imagine. They are also filled with interesting, chatty people. You can guarantee there are plenty of posts to pique your interest, which make them worth a visit.

  4. Check Sites You Visit Regularly. Forums are truly a common thing for a website to have. Chances are, some of the websites you visit have them and you are simply not aware of them. If you visit a site on a regular basis, look around for their forums. If they do not have any, check out their partner sites, or their links pages for similar sites that may have forums.

All of these tips should help you find the type of forum you are looking for. Of course, if you cannot find a forum on a topic you are interested in, you can always start your own. There are many forum companies offering users free message boards in exchange for banner advertisements at the top of the board.

Of course, for a small monthly fee you can always buy a small amount of web space and create a free board (yet these forums require web space for storage) with no advertisements such as Phpbb or Simple Machines Forum (see links). Whatever you choose when finding the right forum to call home will be up to you, and the little bit of work you put in to find the board will be worth it in the end.


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