How To Use Blog Quizzes

You've seen the fun quiz results on all your friends' blogs.  Some are just for fun ("What famous movie do you belong in?" or "Which Desperate Housewife are you?") while others claim to offer a true analysis of your personality.  So how can you take these quizzes and include them in your own blog?    

  1. Find a quiz.  Usually the easiest way to find a blog quiz is to check out someone else's quiz results.  If you look carefully at her post, you should see a link towards the bottom with a message inviting you to take the same quiz.  If you can't find any quizzes in the blogs you read, or none of them catch your interest, you can go straight to the source.  Quizilla, Blog Quiz, Blogthing and OK Cupid are some popular blog quiz sites.  You can also search for "blog quiz" to find odds and ends on individual sites.
  2. Take the quiz.  Depending on the quiz, you may have to answer as few as five questions or as many as 100.  Now these quizzes are all in fun, but if you want more accurate results, the kind that will make your friends and family say, "that's so true," the more questions, the better.  In a very short quiz, each answer holds too much weight and the choices can too obviously lean towards particular outcomes.     

    To fill out the quiz, you will have to click on the space next to each choice, usually a circle or a square, to select your answer.  Blog quizzes will typically only allow you to choose one answer per question, so if none of the answers fit you exactly, choose the closest option.  The largest quizzes split the quiz up over several different pages, and you'll have to click "next" to continue with each stage of the questionnaire.  When you've answered every question to the best of your ability, you can press the "submit" or "done" button and you will be taken to your results.  

  3. Post your results. While taking a quiz can be entertaining in its own right, most of the fun comes from sharing and comparing your results with others.  When you receive the results of your quiz, there will also be a message saying something to the effect of "Post these results on your blog."  The HTML code that makes this possible is contained inside a box, ready to be copied and pasted.  Make absolutely sure you copy everything from the box.  A missed period or quotation mark can ruin the look of your results.  Many sites have a handy "Highlight HTML" button to make it easier for you.   

    After you've copied the HTML, log in to your blogging site of choice, and create a new post in the normal way.  Paste the HTML into the post creator.  Add an interesting title or perhaps a few comments about what you think of the results.  Check the post preview to make sure it looks right, and then share your good, funny or just plain strange quiz results with the world.


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