How To Search For Blogs

It seems nowadays, blogs are everywhere. Just about everyone has a blog, and a lot of them are hugely entertaining. With so many to choose from, you might have problems finding one that would be interesting to you. And with so many sites, there are millions to choose from. Here is some information that might help you to find the blog or site that you are looking for, without hours of effort.

  1. Choose a popular blogging site with a lot of users, and probably one that has a good search engine as well.  There are so many blog sites out there, you shouldn't have a problem. Some of the most popular on Livejournal, BlogSpot, GreatestJournal, and Xanga.
  2. Locate the search engine on the site. You might have to look for it a little bit, but it should be there. Try and look for a page that says "search" or "directory."  Many sites offer many different search options. Locating the search engine for the site is probably the best way to search; many have special spidering or indexing procedures that make searching a lot easier and faster. Many of these blog sites don't allow indexing by major search engines, so you may not find what you need through a general search engine such as Google. And a good search engine is necessary for finding quality information a lot faster.
  3. Type in very broad keyword.   Looking for a blog that reviews movies? Type in "movies, review" and see what comes up. Nothing? Just try "movies" or "reviews."  Looking for celebrity gossip?  Just try "celebs."  Remember, if nothing comes up, keep thinking of keywords to narrow your search.
  4. Find blogs that have been up and running for a while, and that have a lot of visitors and that get updated pretty regularly.  You don't want bad, outdated information. Most pages say for how long they have been running, and many have counters.
  5. Not finding anything? Just try a search engine search.   A lot of search engines index the major blogging sites as well. Since the search engines usually have better spider technology, you can be a little more specific. All other rules apply when you find a site here.
  6. Look at blog "topsites."  These are sites that the viewers vote on, and you see the results. The highest ranking blogs are at the top, and the lowest at the bottom. This is a good way to find a popular blog.  Examples: Blogtop100, BlogCharts, World Top Blogs.  Good search engines: Yahoo!, Google, AltaVista.  Remember: keyword, keyword, keyword!!!

You really shouldn't have a hard time finding what you want. There are millions and millions of blogs out there, and you just need to weed out the bad ones and find the ones you like!


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