How To Use RSS Feeds on Mac OS X

Reading RSS feeds Mac OS X is as easy as can be. Just follow these three steps and you'll be enjoying the benefits of RSS!

  1. First you'll need an RSS reader. Luckily, Mac OS X already comes with one built into Safari, the default web browser on Mac OS X. However, Safari's RSS reader is relatively rudimentary, so if you'd like a more fully functional RSS reader there are alternatives that you can easily download, such as NewsFire and NetNewsWire.
  2. Next, navigate to a page with an RSS feed in Safari (such as, and you'll see a blue RSS icon in the URL bar at the top. If you click on this button, you'll see a list of the various headlines and snippets of stories. Notice that the URL in the URL bar at the top of the window has changed to show the URL of the RSS feed.
  3. If you want to use Safari as your RSS reader, it's as simple as adding a bookmark to the Bookmarks Bar. After doing this, it will show the number of unread items in parenthesis after the name of the bookmark. This makes it very easy to see when new stories have arrived on the website and clicking on the bookmark allows you to see all the newest stories at a glance. If you'd rather use a third-party RSS reader, just download the reader of your choice and copy and paste the RSS feed's URL into your RSS reader.

It's as simple as that! Now you can always be informed of the newest content from your favorite sites that provide RSS feeds, such as!


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