How To Learn About Freebies on Forums

Who doesn't want something for free? Freebies are either a physical item you can receive in the mail at no cost or an item or service that you would usually have to pay for but for some reason is being offered for free. The steps below will tell you how to learn about these freebies using forums. 

  1. Locate a freebie forum. Do an online search for "freebie forum" or "free stuff forum" and you will get many links to freebie forums.

  2. Choose the forum that's for you. Visit a few forums and browse the posts. The most important aspect of a forum is that it is up to date. Make sure that people are regularly posting so you can assure that you get the most freebies you can. It's also a good idea to make sure that you feel comfortable at this forum. You want to browse the posts to make sure that this a friendly place that will welcome a newbie like yourself.
  3. Register with the forum. You can usually browse the forums without joining but if you register first then you will be able to post comments and ask questions about the freebies. There are a few sites that will charge you to join but there are many excellent sites out there that are free to visit.
  4. Find your first freebie! Start with the most recent posts and find a freebie that you are interested in and are eligible for. You will often need to visit the company's site and fill out a form so they know where to send your freebie. Be sure to post any questions that you have at your forum.
  5. Visit your freebie forum often. Remember the more you visit your forum the more freebies you can get! Sometimes freebies are offered in limited quantities so you want to make sure to visit frequently.
  6. Beware of scams. Make sure that you read any terms and conditions before you sign up for a freebie. It's also a good idea to make sure that the forum member who posted the freebie is an established member.
  7. Are you eligible? Do not sign up for freebies that you or your family do not need. Other forum members may need these freebies and would really appreciate it if you left some for them.

Using freebie forums can be rewarding and fun. You can get free stuff for your family and make some new Internet friends along the way.


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