How To Create Email Signatures

Email signatures are an easy way to reflect your personal flair or identify you and your business. They are found on the bottom of an email separated from the rest of the text and contain personal information as well as a motto or quote. 

Elements of a signature:

  1. Name and title.
  2. Position.
  3. Company name.
  4. Phone or fax numbers.
  5. Business address.
  6. Email address.
  7. Personal or company website.
  8. A motto, quote, or slogan.

Editing email signatures on the major mail providers.


  1. On your right hand side, locate the four links above the search box.
  2. Click the fourth one to the right labeled 'Options.'
  3. The heading of the current page should read 'Mail Options' and have three columns.
  4. Click the item that reads 'Signature' four choices down in the middle column.
  5. Now you may edit the settings for your signature.
  6. If you ever go on vacation you can set Yahoo to send an email telling people who email you that you are unavailable. Simply choose the item that reads 'Vacation Response' and follow the directions it provides.


  1. In the top right hand corner, select the third choice from the right that reads 'Settings.'
  2. Under the tab 'General,' the sixth category from the top reads 'Signature.' You can either opt to have no signature or edit the text you wish to have in your signature. 


  1. Click on the mail button on the top navigation row.
  2. Then click the option button that appears to the right of contacts.
  3. Next under 'Mail Options,' click on 'Personal Signature.' Edit your settings and text, then save.  


  1. Go to the 'Tools' menu.
  2. Click 'Options.'
  3. Choose the mail format tab and select a format from the Compose in this message format list.
  4. Click 'Signatures,' then 'New.'
  5. Enter your name in the 'New Signature' box.
  6. Select an option from the 'Choose How to Create Your Signature' box.
  7. Type or cut and paste the text you want to use and save.
  8. Make as many as you want for work or personal uses.
  9. When you are composing an e-mail make sure the crosshair icon (appears like an 'I') is located where you wish the text to be.

Click the 'Insert' menu, point to 'Signature', and then click the signature that you want.

Enhancing your signature.
Try the following tips to make your signature even more creative:

  1. Use color, but in moderation.
  2. Use graphics, also in moderation.
  3. If the signature is for business use, try inserting a logo.
  4. Use quotation databases like those mentioned in the links below.
  5. Change your quotes occasionally or regularly.

Sample Signatures:
John Doe
Project Manager
MacroSoft Technologies
Ph: 555-555-5555
It is possible to fail in many ways..while to succeed is possible in only one way. -Aristotle
Jane Doe
"...the only certainty is that nothing is certain." -Pliny the Elder


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