How To Enter Online Sweepstakes

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Entering online sweepstakes can be a fun and inexpensive hobby that can make you a big winner. It takes some time and organization but you will have your first win in no time.

  1. Find the online sweepstakes. You can't win a sweepstakes if you don't enter, so you have to find the sweepstakes first. There are many sites out there that have a collection of different sweepstakes and the site gets you for them and puts them in one convenient place. Some of these sites are free and others will cost you a monthly fee. I suggest trying out a free site at first and then if you feel you could benefit from a site with a fee, try that out. I recommend OnlineSweepstakes. Many of the sweepstakes sites also have a community where you can discuss your wins with other sweepers.
  2. Read the rules. Different sweepstakes have different rules. All sweepstakes have beginning and end dates. They also have a rule on how often you can enter. You can enter some sweepstakes once and others every day. Sometimes there are also age restrictions for certain sweepstakes. Be sure to read the rules before you enter.
  3. Get organized. The key to being a successful sweeper is to stay organized. Keep track of which sweepstakes you have entered and which you haven't. You may want to keep your daily sweepstakes in your favorites or as a list in a word processing document. Choose whatever method works for you but keep in mind that the better organized you are, the more time you can spend entering sweepstakes instead of trying to figure out if you have already entered a sweepstakes or not.
  4. Enter, enter, enter! Once you have located the sweepstakes and read the rules, then you just need to enter. Remember, the more you enter, the more you can win! That being said, don't enter for prizes you do not want. For example, don't enter to win a trip to the big game if you don't really want to go. Trips are usually non-transferable and you may just put yourself in a position where you have to fill out paperwork to turn down a prize. You will also have to pay taxes on your wins so be sure that the prize is worth the tax money you will incur by accepting the prize.
  5. When will I win? Sometimes it can take awhile to get your first win. The time you put into entering will be rewarded in the number of wins. Wins are often slow to come to new sweepers so be patient and keep on entering and you will get a big win soon.

There is nothing like the rush of a big win to keep you entering online sweepstakes. Entering online sweepstakes is a fun hobby and the bonus is that you will win some great prizes.


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useful tips. thank you.

By Jason Kay

What do you think about non-responsible sweepstakes providers that don't actually give prizes to the real winners? (I heard that these things happen).

By novi widayanti