Affiliate programs procedure

How to make profits through affiliate programs accessing. How does it work

Affiliate tracking programs are meant for managing an affiliate marketing program. Affiliate programs are one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to our site while rewarding our affiliates for their participation. Affiliate Programs are often referred to as Associate Programs, Revenue Sharing, Profit Sharing, or Partner Programs.

The participation is done in two different ways.

We provide our affiliates with a special link to our site, whether it is a text link or image or even a picture of our product. The affiliate displays our link on their site and then we sit back and watch visitors start traveling to our site. We then reward our affiliates for sending traffic our way. Affiliate tracking will increase our web sites traffic volume raising sales. We can reward our affiliates on a per sale, per click, or per lead basis. We can even customize the commission schedule for individual affiliates.

Supposing if we are working as affiliates to other clients, then the same works out for us too. Meaning...We facilitate our clients by keeping their special links, images, text links or even a picture of their product in our website. When a user browses our site and enters into the client site for buying or browsing, we get paid by our client. There are two types of affiliate payments in affiliate process.

I tier and II tier commission payments. In I tier, we get paid by the affiliate website owner if a user enters the website through our website. If the user at the later stage signs up in the affiliate program website, then we get paid based on the agreed terms&conditions between the companies.

The steps involved in affiliate programs are as follows.

  • Affiliate joins our affiliate program through the sign-up page.
  • Affiliate logs into the member area, obtains the code for banners, text links, product images, etc. in order to link to our web site. These special links identify the affiliate site with an Affiliate ID.
  • Visitor X clicks through from our website to external client's affiliate web site.
  • Visitor X makes a purchase from the online store (Affiliate website).
  • The Administrator is notified of sale by email, clicks on the link to accept the sale and the affiliate is automatically notified of their sale by email.
  • The payment of some X% amount is made to us by the affiliate program website authorities depending upon the type of commission decided between the two parties.

Supposing if our site is visited through an external client website, where our banner/link/image/picture/text is placed, then the same holds good for us.


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