IE crashes when printing

After installing Win2K my machine would reset whenever I tried to print from IE or a select few other applications.

A while ago I upgraded from Win98 to Win2K. I soon discovered that whenever I pressed the "Print" button my PC would reset. As time went by I realised that a few other applications would exhibit the same behaviour, whereas other applications (notepad) would print fine.

The soloution was as follows.

1) Open "Control Panel"
2) Administrative Tools
3) Component Services
4) Open up the "Component Services" node in the tree view.
5) Open up the "Computers" node in the tree view.
6) Right click on "My Computer" and select "Properties"
7) Go to the [Default Security] tab.
8) Under "Default Access Permissions" click "Edit Defaults".
9) Add "Interactive" and "System" with "Allow DefaultAccessPermission"

Finally accept your changes, and then restart your PC.


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