Website for Producer - Consumer Relations

Website for Producer - Consumer Relations

This is an abstract of the project on Website for Producer-Consumer Relations undertaken by M.S.Sriganesh and Harsh Poddar at the Entrepreneurship Development Cell, National Institute of Technology Calicut (India).

The general idea behind the project is the development of a commercial website that shall contain views, opinions and expectations of consumers regarding a particular product. The website shall be sold to a company developing that product. The company shall use the site to get access to the data and statistics provided by the consumers in order to develop a perfect product suited to the consumers. The company need not be engaged in performing any door-to-door surveys because the consumers through the site provide all the details.

The project developed here took washing machines as the target product.
The site contains a main page and links to three other pages. The main page contains the idea or motive behind the launching of the site, some pictures of washing machines developed by the company to which this site is to be sold, and advertisements of new products. The first link is to a detailed description of washing machines: what are they, how they work, how to use them properly, the range of prices in the present market, etc. The second link is to a registration form to help the user to register for the survey. Each user is given a user name and password through which he can participate in the survey, post comments and suggestions, etc. The third link is to a detailed survey form, which is thorough in gathering information. It has questions on size, color, looks, and price. It has questions on how to improve the washing mechanisms, expected capacity of clothes washed at a time, quantity of washing detergent used, expected cost, etc. This shows how thorough and complete the survey is for gathering detailed information for developing washing machines.

A key feature of this site is that it forms an interface between the consumers and manufacturers. Any change in fashion, thought and style in the consumer society is directly reflected on the data gathered through the site. So the manufacturers can keep on par with the recent trends in the consumer society.

Another key feature is that it brings consumers and manufacturers nearer. The consumers can directly post queries on the products and are answered by the companies. Consumers can get an idea of product differentiation on basis of quality, cost and other features.

Since there are innumerable products and innumerable manufacturers making the products for a large customer population, the need for such a site shall always exist.


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