How To Find HTML Editor Freeware

Use Google to Find It

Looking for an HTML Editor that is Free? (Freeware). Your free HTML editor should include a WYSIWYG editor, higlight tags, easy-script-install, CSS edit support and the other features you need. Try searching "HTML Editor Freeware" with the Google Search Engine. All you need is the patience to search through the results and find the HTML editor that you're looking for. Here's the procedure you need to know in order to search for the right HTML editor:

  1. Open your browser, and go to the Google site.
  2. Type the keywords "html editor freeware" into the Google search box.

    Insert Keyword Search

  3. You will find a page listing your search results.

    Result Search

  4. Not all of the results that you see will be what you're looking for. You'll have to do a little digging. Read the description below the link first, then open each of the results to determine whether they're what you're looking for.
  5. If you don't find an HTML editor that will work, try another keyword might get a different result. Type in "Free Editor HTML" or any other derivation of the keyword phrase.

    Other Search Keyword

  6. When you manage to find an interesting heading or title and you think you've found the HTML editor freeware that you're looking for, click on the link. Visit the site and determine whether it's really a site that offers for HTML editor freeware. An example is shown below (it's chosen at random, I'm not necessarily promoting this site).

    One of the site

    • You'll probably be satisfied with one of the results at the top of the list, but try to look through a few options in other result pages as well. This will help ensure that you find the best HTML editor freeware. Try to review all features they have that match your needs and requirements.

  7. Found the one you need? If you have found an HTML editor that works for you, download the software and ensure that it's really freeware (meaning you're not redirected to a payment page).
  8. Now you're done! Just download the HTML Editor Freeware and you're ready to use it to your heart's content. Congratulations!

Well thats it, it's easy huh? Why do I choose Google to find HTML Editor Freeware? Because it's the most popular Seacrh Engine nowadays and its has better results. It's also possible to find an HTML editor in other Search Engines, you can use the same procedures outlined above to do it. Good luck.


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Notepad is a fine text editor HTML yet for a beginner user who just learn HTML wouldnt it be recommended for a text editor HTML that emphasize its tag and they wont be confused the begin tag and end tag.

By Pasca Maulana

I believe Notepad in windows or any text editor in any other OS is a great choice for HTML.

By Jameel Ahmad Sameemi