How To Maximize Google AdSense Clicks - 8 Simple Tips

To Make Money from AdSense, People Must Click on Your Ads

Many webmasters ignore a few simple but important steps that can maximize Google AdSense clicks. The tips below are legal and easy to implement:

  1. You must ensure that Google serves correctly targeted ads. If your AdSense ads do not interest your visitors, they will not click on them. If you maintain a website promoting SEO services, but AdSense delivers advertisements about pet care, your users will ignore them. As a result, you will not earn any money. Look at your site and determine where you might have keywords that Google is misinterpreting. Perhaps you should change the wording in your navigation menus, meta-description, page title, or image alt tags.
  2. If there are areas of your pages that contain necessary but untargeted information, ask Google AdSense to ignore them. You might have to block off a navigation menu, a 'word of the day,' or other unrelated content. Surround the areas you want ignored with the following code:
    <!-- google_ad_section_start(weight=ignore) -->
    Information to be ignored
    <!-- google_ad_section_end -->
  3. If your pages contain important, targeted sections that you want to emphasize, tell Googlebot by surrounding them with this code:
    <!-- google_ad_section_start -->
    Information to be emphasized
    <!-- google_ad_section_end -->
  4. You can find the above code and more helpful tips in your AdSense Control Panel by going to:
    Help ==>
    AdSense Help ==>
    Working with My Ads ==>
    How Ads are Targeted ==>
    What is section targeting and how do I implement it?
  5. Make sure that your html title tags contain important keywords. The title is the single most important item on every webpage -- to both search engines and visitors. It is the first thing that everyone sees, and it carries more weight than anything else you can include on your pages. Make each title interesting and keyword-rich.
  6. Ensure that every page has an interesting description meta-tag of between 150 and 200 characters. It is what users see in Google and other search engines when they are trying to find something. The AdSense robot also evaluates meta-descriptions when it analyzes your pages, in order to decide which ads to serve.
  7. Avoid strange looking server-generated URLs. If you have a site that extracts information from an SQL database, for example, it might create URLs similar to the following:

    Determine whether your software includes an option to turn on the RewriteEngine. It can then create meaningful URLs like this:

    Keyword-rich URLs are also effective in teaching Googlebot about the subject matter of your web pages.

  8. You will not get rich overnight. Yes, there are webmasters who earn an excellent living from AdSense revenue, but most of them started out by making pennies per day.

The information in this article provides information that can help you to boost your income. Who knows, you may one day join the ranks of the successful entrepreneurs who have quit their regular jobs to live a comfortable life fueled by the Internet.

Kathy is an author and webmaster who enjoys writing articles for 1st Rate Articles, 111 Travel Directory, and A-Language-Guide. She also writes German-English stories and poetry in parallel translation.

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Kathy, thanks for shedding light on this phenomena. Great article!

By Joy Davis

For your own website, you can send Google the message by creating a meta keyword tag, make it specific and simple phrase.

By Elhusseiny Shahin

Good stuff--I will practice it.

By Dalton Khamala

I was not aware of tips #2 and #3 -- thanks! :O)

By Elizabeth Grace

Very useful tips. I will have to grasp it well. By the way, thank you for visiting my blog.

By Anonymous

Dear Kathy, many thanks for these tips. I will put them in practice starting today.

By Alexandra Castillo