How To Upload to a Website Via FTP

There are two ways to upload to a website. Some websites' control panels provide you a link (File Manager) where you will have a web-based user interface and can browse files on your computer and upload to a website. The other way is installing FTP software on your computer, such as Filezilla, Cute FTP, etc....

  1. You need to have a domain and website space, which you can get free and by money online from some domain/website hosters.
  2. Install the software and double click to open. Now that you have the FTP program opened, you need to enter your web address, user name and password (provided when you have registered first with webhoster) and port number (default is 21). Click connect.
  3. You will see your website contents on the left pane (remote tree). At the right will be your computer contents when you are connected successfully.
  4. Drag contents from your computer and put them in the remote tree. By default you should put your website contents in Public_html Folder in the remote tree.

Congratulations, you are done! Try visiting your website to see what you've accomplished.

Jameel Sameemi

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