How To Find Unique Teaching Ideas

Online teaching classes often feature creative learning ideas. Want to make learning fun for your students? Perhaps you are stuck on how to spice up your lesson plan, or want to get out of your regular lesson routine. Below you will find several ways to find unique teaching ideas to supplement your creativity and delivery of lessons.

  1. Conduct an online search for unique teaching ideas. Millions of teachers share the same concerns as you and have taken initiative to share their creativity online. There are many websites that offer lesson plans submitted by teachers that are typically organized by subject area or grade level. Browse through each unique lesson plan for inspiration and implementation.
  2. Ask your colleagues or school principal for tips or resources you can use. If there is no central collection of lesson plans submitted by teachers, perhaps you can propose to hold a unique teaching idea workshop where interested staff members can share ideas and learn from one another.
  3. Multiple creative heads are usually better than one. Brainstorm with your grade level team to come up with unique teaching ideas to enhance your unit lessons.
  4. Subscribe to an educator magazine. Magazines geared towards teachers oftentimes feature unique teaching ideas, behavior management techniques and success stories. You may even want to contribute to the magazine by submitting your own stories to help other teachers as well.
  5. Visit the websites of companies who gear their services towards children, schools or education. Sites such as and Discovery School offer great unique teaching ideas, printable worksheets and lesson plans on a regular basis.
  6. Think of ways companies or outside organizations can help enrich your lesson. For example, if you are teaching a unit on factories, you may want to contact local or national level product manufactures to see if they can provide you with free materials to distribute to your class. Organizations such as Video Placement Worldwide handles distributions of such materials at no cost to the educator.
  7. Ask parents if they are willing to contribute to your lessons by being a guest speaker, arranging a field trip to their workplace, or perhaps donating supplies that can make your lesson a unique and memorable one for your students.

You can also get great teaching ideas by taking online classes in education.


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