How To Increase Parental Involvement in Schools

Being involved in your children's education is the best way to ensure they succeed in their schooling. Spending time volunteering at the school is one way to increase your involvement.  Here are some ways to get involved.  

  1. Join a Parent-Teacher Organization.  Most schools have some sort of organization that meets on occasion to raise money or discuss other needs of the school.  Volunteers and parents are always needed and welcome at these meetings and events.  Contact your school's principal to see if such an organization exists in your district.
  2. Volunteer in the classroom.  If you are able to give time during the day, teachers are often looking for volunteers to help out in the classroom.  Special projects or events require more help than a typical classroom day and parents are always welcome to join in the festivities.  Ask your child's teacher if there is something coming up that would require help.
  3. Volunteer to go on field trips or chaperone.  A lot of kids are embarrassed or upset if their parents show up to go on a field trip or chaperone a school dance.  Don't let this deter you from getting involved!  Most likely your child will be having too much fun to even remember that you are in attendance.  Without chaperones, these events would be canceled, so help your school out.
  4. Join the Booster Club.  Most schools with athletic teams have a parent Booster Club.  The club usually runs the concession stand at sporting events and raises money for various extracurricular programs.  Since these events usually happen after the typical work day, this may be a good option for parents who work full time.
  5. Run for a position on the school board.  This would be the ultimate way to become extremely involved with your school.  Most people do not have the time or resources to make this a reality, but it is an option if you wish.

No matter how much or little time you can devote to being involved in your child's school, it will be appreciated.    


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