How To Build a Student Survival Kit

A student survival kit will always keep you prepared for class.  Although it makes a great gift for high school graduates and college students, any student getting ready to go back to school should include the following materials on his or her shopping list.

Building a student survival kit requires gathering materials that are essential for students to have in order to prepare for new classes, stay on top of current assignments, get the most from their education experience, and make the grade in the classroom.

  1. NOTE BOOKS  Note books are an essential part of the student survival kit.  The type of note book can vary depending on the student's course load and course requirements.  Since note books can be used and organized in various ways, the type of note book will vary.  There are single subject, three subject, five subject, and composition note books that can be included in the kit.
  2. WRITING UTENSILS  Standardized tests or surveys sometimes require students to use number two pencils.  Therefore, always keep at least two spare pencils, in case one breaks or gets lost, in a student survival kit.  Depending upon the grade level or coursework on your schedule, you might want to also include a couple of black and blue pens or markers/crayons for special assignments.  Don't forget the sharpeners for the pencils or crayons, too!
  3. SPARE CHANGE  A small amount of spare change can come in handy for a rainy day.  If students forget their lunch money one day, the student survival kit will provide them with spare change for back up.  When schools promote fundraisers, extra money will be handy to buy the school theater ticket or stop at the snack stand.
  4. PLANNER  Planners can be used to write down important test dates, school events, or assignment due dates.  They can also be used to make a note a few days before the impending date to serve as a reminder for the upcoming event to help students start preparing, if they have not already started.  Therefore, planners are a definite must in a student survival kit.
  5. FOLDERS  Folders will keep the massive amounts of dittos, papers, and notices organized.  Several folders can be included with a student survival kit since folders can be kept for every subject and even one for homeroom, if applicable.  The homeroom folder will help keep track of any school events, report cards, progress reports, new schedules, or fundraisers that might be coming up.
  6. POCKET-SIZE ITEMS   Pocket-size dictionary.  Pocket-size tissue.  Pocket-size breath mints.  They all come in handy at one point or another, and they don't take up a lot of space in the book bag.  They make great additions to student survival kits.
  7. BOOK COVERS  Book covers help keep books from tearing, getting miscellaneous markings, or keep pencil shavings from smearing all over the cover.  They will help keep the book in the best shape possible and possibly help allow for resale of the book or for the book to be returned without any liability for damage.

A successful student is always prepared for class.  Building a student survival kit before class starts will help any student manage their work by providing the necessary materials needed to excel in the classroom from day one.  


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