How To Control Bullying At School

Are you be being bullied at school? There are steps you can take to help control bullying at your school.

  1. Ignore: If someone is bullying you, try to ignore what he is saying. Do not look at the bully. Many times, just ignoring what the bully is saying or doing can stop him from continuing to bully.
  2. Be Assertive: If you have tried to ignore the bully to no avail, then you need to make it clear to the bully that you do not appreciate the way he is treating you. Staying calm, making eye contact and being forceful in your tone, is a good way to stand up for yourself. Tell the bully to stop and that it is not okay to treat another person in the manner he is treating you or your friend. Many times, just being assertive to a bully can deter the bully from continuing what he is doing.
  3. Walk Away: After being assertive and telling the bully to stop, simply walk away. Many bullies feel powerful when another student engages in a verbal or physical confrontation with them. By simply walking away after telling him to stop, you have taken away the power from the bully and are showing him that you refuse to engage in any type of confrontation, physical or verbal. Make sure you walk to a safe place, whether it be inside a classroom, the principal's office or if outside, find an adult.
  4. Tell a Grown-Up: This is an essential step in controlling bullying at school. If you or someone you know is being bullied, even if it happens just one time, you must tell a trusted adult at school. Most schools should have a zero tolerance policy for bullying. The more students stand up for themselves and tell what is happening, the better the school can deal with the bully and the problem. No one can help if you don't tell, even if the bullying is not happening to you. It needs to be reported immediately. When you go home from school, always tell your parents about what has happened; it is essential that parents know about bullying at school.
  5. Get Involved: Does your school have a group of students that meet to help stop bullying in school? If so, why not join? If not, why not approach school staff about beginning one? By getting involved and offering suggestions about specific student concerns regarding bullying, you are helping to control the situation.

Knowing what to do to help control bullying is important so that bullying does not become a part of the school culture. It is essential to always be assertive, walk away, and tell an adult if you or someone you know is being bullied at school. All students must follow these guidelines and report bullying--every single time-- if bullying is to be controlled in a school environment.


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parents and teachers should read this article. to be aware and also to teach them to kids who are bullied. it'll help them respond right during an incidence. thanks for the tips

By Anonymous

Very neatly written. Practical.

By Anonymous

This is important stuff; could you do an article for parents on helping children who are bullied?

By Marilisa Sachteleben