Teaching Students Effective Study Skills and Time Management Tips

These Skills Can Help Students Learn How to Study Effectively


Do your students seem to not have enough time?  Do they have trouble studying for homework and exams?  There are things that you can do to help them study effectively, manage their time appropriately, and improve their study habits:

Time Management:

  1. Teaching a student how to manage her time can easily be incorporated into your daily classroom schedule.  First, you must set aside a specific time each day, such as first thing in the morning, to offer a tip or two about time management, and to go over those time management skills with your students. The lesson should be brief - no more than 10 minutes long.
  2. Once you have designated a specific time, you must decide which specific areas your students need improvement in. Write down every topic you think of and begin your lessons with what you believe to be the most essential lesson.  Make sure you always write the skill on the overhead or the whiteboard, and require that the students to write it down also.  Keep the skill and any tips that are associated with it posted somewhere in the classroom for your students to see.
  3. Teach a new skill Mondays through Thursdays, but leave Fridays for review of the skills they learned during that week.  Once you have covered your list, it is important to continue to review and make sure they are incorporating the lessons into their daily lives. 
  4. Some examples of skills that should be covered include setting aside a study time, setting goals for assignments, using agendas to ensure work is completed on time, making a list of things that need to be completed, and keeping a balance between school and other activities. 

Teaching students proper and effective study skills can be done in much the same way.  It is up to you to determine a daily time to go over a different study skill.  A good time to teach them is at the end of the day, perhaps during a study hall.  This type of mini lesson should take no more than 10 minutes total.  

Study Skills:

  • Set aside a designated study spot in your home, something with no distractions.
  • Make a designated study time for homework completion to occur daily, such as 4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
  • Fill out homework assignments in agendas for each class.
  • Make a graphic organizer to study with.
  • Highlight class notes.
  • Read notes aloud to help with memorization.
  • Make flashcards with important information from class on each.
  • Ask someone to quiz you.
  • Complete a study guide correctly.
  • Draw a picture of something you must remember.
  • Know your own learning style.
  • Use mnemonic devices.

Teaching these skills can be a wonderful way to start the school year and keep it running smoothly!


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