How To Learn About School Safety

As parents, there aren't many things we wish for more than making sure our kids are safe.  We want them to be safe everywhere they go, including school.  Years ago, parents most likely worried very little about school safety.  Unfortunately, with the rising occurrences of school violence, parents have become more aware that schools are not always the safe places everyone thought them to be.  Fortunately, schools are doing more and more now to make school a safe place again.  If you are a parent and you are wondering how you can learn about school safety, this article will offer guidance!

  1. School first: If you are interested in learning about school safety, check with the school or the district your child attends.  Often school districts offer classes or hold meetings that discuss safety in schools.  Call your local school and inquire about this.  If the local school doesn't know, contact the education agency associated with your school.  If no classes are offered, ask why.  It is important that safety not just be a "child and school" issue, but also an issue involving the parent as well.  Many school districts offer classes at the beginning of the school year, so it may be a good time to look into when your child is on summer break.  That way, you can plan ahead!
  2. Workshops: If your local school district doesn't offer classes on school safety and doesn't seem willing to do so in the future, there are workshops that parents can sign up for just to be educated on this topic.  Many states offer school safety workshops for parents to attend and learn about keeping their child safe at school. By simply doing an Internet search for "school safety parent workshops," you should be able to find one in your area.  Many of these workshops teach parents about bullies, sexual harassment, death, gangs and how to deal with aggressive people.  Workshops may cost some money, but it will be worth it to learn some strategies and tips on school safety!
  3. Read all about it: Many times workshops may not be available during a time you are.  If this is the case and you have some extra time to spare, why not read about school safety and educate yourself this way?  If you set aside some time each night to read a chapter or two, you can educate yourself in a short period of time, right in your own home!  There are several books out there geared towards parents and school safety.  Here are some recommended books for learning about school safety: Protecting Children from Danger: Building Self-Reliance and Emergency Skills Without Fear/a Learning by Doing Book for Parents and Educators by Bob Bishop and Matt Thomas, and Safe At School: Awareness and Action for Parents of Kids Grades K-12 by Carol Silverman Saunders.

  4. Internet help: Educating yourself about school safety doesn't have to include a workshop or a long book, if that isn't your thing.  By doing a simple Internet search of "school safety" you will bring up thousands of articles that can teach you about this topic.  Sites such as: or  are just two of the thousands of websites with a plethora of information for parents.  The more you read from each site, the better informed you will be.

School safety shouldn't just be a school issue.  Parents need to learn about it also.  If school safety classes or meetings aren't part of what your school district offers, it is up to the parent to find ways to learn about keeping kids safe at school.


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