How To Find Online High School Resources

With the influx of technology in today's schools and homes all over the world, high school students are no longer limited in the range of sources that they can access. Online high school resources offer virtually unlimited access to a variety of databases and websites that high school students can use both in their school's media centers and at home. The problem for many students, however, is finding these online high school resources.

  1. School Websites. Because many school districts have installed filtering systems that block certain sites on the Internet, safe websites are often linked to the school system's main Web page. These sites often offer tips on how to use the various sites, and they've usually been deemed safe for minors to use. In many cases these online resources are also designed for specific age groups, and there are usually many sites for use as high school resources. For more information, contact your school's central office, and ask about recommended online high school resources.
  2. Library Media Center. The librarian of your local school will have a wealth of online high school resource information to offer students. She or he should be able to give you a list of recommended online high school resources, along with specific addresses for websites that are used for a variety of subjects. The media center's computers will probably have specific files and/or folders, along with desktop shortcuts, that offer students easy access to a variety of resources and preferred websites.
  3. State Education Websites. In many instances, the education department of your state may also maintain a website filled with online high school resource information and databases. Many of these sites are referred to as "virtual libraries," and students can find information from common databases, such as Britannica Student Edition Online , Sirs Knowledge Source, Literature Resource Center, and Oxford English Dictionary. Some virtual libraries require students to obtain a password, but your local library or school media center should be able to issue you one of these at no cost to you.
  4. Public or University Libraries. Even small towns typically have libraries, although some are smaller than others. If your library offers Internet access, however, there are probably numerous online high school resources that you can access from one of their computers. Universities and local colleges also typically allow the public to use their computer labs and media centers for online research and access, and they will usually offer a variety of online resources that are perfect for high school students.
  5. Helpful Sites. A variety of online high school resources are available for students, and many of these can be accessed with just a click of the mouse. To find them, do a simple command search using words such as "Internet resources," "resources for high school students," and "online educational resources." Sites such as Adventures in Education, Librarians' Internet Index, Reference Desk, and the Internet Public Library are easy to use and full of great information.


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