How To Understand the Abilities Required to Become a Teacher

Being a teacher requires you to have certain abilities in order to fulfill your different responsibilities.  Here is what you are expected to be able to do once you become a teacher:

  1. Teachers must have a passion and patience for teaching.  Teaching is not an easy profession and you will be faced with challenges everyday.  If you have a passion for teaching, you will be able to do your job well even though you may encounter challenges on a daily basis.  Your students will also recognize that you are serious about your job and you will gain more respect because of it.
  2. Teachers must know what they teach.  This means that they know not only the general idea of their subject matter but also how to apply it in life.  Their knowledge base must be updated and their teaching methods modernized and effective.  They must also know the implications of what they teach as well as relate it to other fields of study.
  3. Teachers must have genuine concern for students.  Students can detect insincerity or a lack of sympathy for them, and this can cause them to dislike you as a teacher and fail to do their studies.  This is especially true for students who seek approval from their teachers before doing their tasks.
  4. You must be able to teach your subject in an imaginative, interesting and attention-getting way.  This doesn't mean that you have to do wild things in the classroom because this may be disapproved by the administration, cause humiliation or prevent students from treating you seriously.  Find ways to engage your students in the lessons and make them see the importance of what you are teaching and how they could use it.  Tell fascinating stories or demonstrate your lessons and they will be more willing to learn what you have to teach.
  5. Avoid favoritism.  This encourages rivalries between students as well as discouragement for non-favorites and smugness from favorites.  Being a favorite can also tempt students to study less because they expect that you would save their grades somehow.  They can also be motivated to study just because they are shown approval and become dependent upon it every time they study.  You would also get a reputation for being unfair and lesser students would respect you and want you as their teacher.
  6. Be adaptable.  Treat each student according to how he is supposed to be treated in order for him to learn as much as he possibly could.  You must also be flexible enough to modify your routines in order to meet changing situations.
  7. You must know how to communicate and listen well.  You must also know how to lead and discipline.  Students need guidance and correction from time to time so make sure you can relate to them well in order for you to influence them.
  8. Being a teacher involves not only teaching students but also relating to co-teachers and to the administration as well.  This is why teachers need to know how to get along with other people in the school. 

Having these abilities allow you to be an effective teacher.  Practice these abilities regularly and these will be a part of your character.


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