How To Provide Sex Education Counseling for Teens

The Advantages

Statistics have shown the steady increase in teen pregnancy and onset of diseases due to teens being engaged in sexual activities. Contraception education, abstinence programs, sex or abstinence education, as it is called by many names, encourage abstinence for teens, or having protected sex.

Sex education counseling is being offered to teens because studies have shown the advantages of providing an expert's information and advice to teens.  You can learn how to offer informed, age-appropriate counseling by taking online counseling courses.

  1. Sex education has been noted to be a crucial aspect in effective prevention of sexually related diseases and unwanted pregnancy. It is commonly and socially acknowledged that it helps teens gain knowledge and information, and enhances their skills in protecting themselves and improving their overall sexual health by decreasing risks that they may encounter during their sexual activities.
  2. Sex education encourages teens to practice abstinence as an option and as a far more thorough approach. Abstinence can maintain and improve sexual health as well, apart from it totally preventing pregnancy.
  3. Sex education is all encompassing. It engages with several topics including human sexual anatomy. With this topic, teens can learn to love their bodies and value their sexual health. Sexual reproduction and sexual intercourse can give them insights into sex and pregnancy. The sensitivities of pregnancy are also discussed under reproductive health. Because sex also has an emotional aspect, emotional relations are also being discussed to help teens not just in the physical changes and aspects of sex but also on how it can affect their emotions and psychological well being. Reproductive rights and responsibilities, and contraception are also being presented to teens. In sex education, they are given all they need to know on how to live safely and rightly. Current issues are also discussed so they can relate to what really is happening in the world where sex is involved.
  4. Sex education is taught by experts and adults who can give correct advice and information. When teens otherwise become shy or just rely on each other for support, it is important for them to know that there are people whom they can approach and who are willing to accommodate them solely on this topic. Remember that misleading information is one of the main causes of teens having problems because of sexual relations. 

At home, it is equally important that teens are taught how to approach and look at sex. As the old cliché, prevention is better than cure, apart from pregnancy issues, sex counseling for teens is all about their health - both their physical and emotional. It is important to note that adults approach sex and handle its issues in an entirely different way.

For teens, they can be much more complicated - due to emotions, physical health and even finances. Unlike the decades before when it may have been considered inappropriate, sex education is totally appropriate now because of the changes in society and human behavior. Sex education is still education, and like any other type of education, it prepares them for real life.

Counseling a teen in any area is difficult - learn how to approach teenagers who are facing big decisions by taking online counseling classes from an accredited college.


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