How To Find the Best Educational TV Shows for Children

As parents, you are naturally concerned about the shows on TV, since these will affect your children's behavior. You cannot control them from switching channels and watching anything they feel like watching. Thanks to networks like Disney Channel, Nickelodeon and PBS, you don't have to monitor strictly what channel your kids are tuning to. With TV shows as interesting, fun and educational, your kids will not go channel wandering.

However, not all TV shows from these networks are highly educational. Some are interesting, but quite hollow when it comes to moral lessons. Better shows can be factual, while some are filled with lessons on family, friends, school and society.

Commonly, when you hear the word "educational," it is almost synonymous with "boring." However, with television education made this fun, you don't know which part of the program the main educational topic shows up. Ethical and moral values are placed in the program without the preaching tone. The viewer simply comes to the realization of the message the programs want to convey and absorbs without knowing it. Lessons like "it pays to be honest" or "patience is virtue" are better understood when being shown than read. Furthermore, unlike adult shows, these don't have offending thoughts that may hurt any viewer's feelings. With such shows, it's not only the kids that get educated, but the parents too.

So far, the following are some of the best educational kid shows:

  1. Hannah Montana - A show popular with teens, it conveys the message of perseverance and an "I can do this" attitude. With the star leading a double life, it makes the show exciting and challenging. Wisecracks from a single parent help kids understand how it feels to raise kids alone, especially when they get into trouble. Lessons on family, friendship and ethical behavior are hardly missed.
  2. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody - As kids in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and as teens in The Suite Life on Deck, sibling rivalry is still so fun to watch, that when each episode finishes, viewers are a bit reluctant to see it end. Adolescent age is never this fun. But the shows are not all about running pell-mell along the corridor or deck. How to deal with growing up problems and attraction with the opposite sex are the issues tackled in their growing up years are addressed on this show.
  3. Cory in the House - The star's money-making schemes contribute highly to the comedy series. The story talks about a single parent challenge of raising Cory while serving in the White House, while Cory himself learns a lesson in honesty in every episode.
  4. Sesame Street - Aired beginning in 1969, it gains new audience every year. Although it is not competitive when it comes to digital animation, its focus and effect on learning are still remarkable.
  5. Wizards of Waverly Place - A show that has both parents present, it still has problems that are both normal and extraordinary, since everyone in the family has magical powers except for the mother. Still, the program conveys ethical values and moral lessons while the stars try to live a normal life - unsuccessfully.

These are the best educational programs for kids as of today. Pretty soon there will be a new list of top five educational TV shows. Since kids are considered to be a demanding targets market, educational Internet programs and games are continuously flooding the web.


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