How To Find US Crane Operator Training

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Cranes are commonly seen in construction sites, shipping lines, cargo-lifting and manufacturing companies. These are machines for lifting, lowering and shifting heavy weights with the use of a projecting arm that swings or with a lifting apparatus that is supported on an overhead track. Individuals behind the controls of these machines are called crane operators.

In the U.S., persons who want to be crane operators enroll themselves in crane operator training schools. Such schools are vocational training schools that help many people in America get jobs after passing some examinations. They provide this training to prevent jobless cases in America.

Here are some of the schools in America that provide education in crane operation:

  • Tower Crane School of Phoenix (TCSP) - TCSP is one of the leading schools in America. They provide online crane examinations to test whether the person is qualified to enter the said school. Furthermore, they have been nominated as one of the Top Trainers in Crane Hotline Magazine for their excellence in training students.
  • National Association of Heavy Equipment Training School - This school focuses on building skills, therefore, providing a hands-on kind of crane training. Their objective is to help students to be efficient in handling and controlling different types of mobile cranes. Giving them on-the-spot trials and instructions help students apply real time what is being taught to them.
  • Crane Tech - This is one of the training schools which focuses in crane overhead operation. Its objective is to teach their students crane safety procedures to avoid accidents in the areas where crane operations take place. They teach their students how to inspect their cranes before using it to avoid accidents.
  • ATS Heavy Equipment Training School - This school provides a crane certification training program. Because of a very high demand of crane operators all over the country, most of the states in America required the crane operators to be certified.
  • West Coast Training - This is a vocational school that focuses on heavy equipment operation, crane operation, dump truck operation and other Hazmat Certification Courses. The purpose of educating people on operating heavy duty jobs is to give them knowledge not just because of work but also because of keeping it for other unexpected purposes.
  • S and B Crane Service - This is an operator training school that only lasts for days. They also provide certifications for those who pass.

There are diverse kinds of cranes, namely tower cranes that lift tons of loads in 60 feet above the ground, crane overheads that lift some heavy equipment below 60 feet and construction cranes that lift equipment and other heavy materials in construction. Operating these types of mobile cranes are being taught in many crane operator training schools all over the country. They provide services that many of the people who enroll will benefit from.

Qualified crane operators get high salary, whether they work for union or non-union. Depending on the company, some crane operators, in fact, enjoy getting paid on holidays, have health benefits and even get paid during their two week vacation.


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