How To Find Motivational Posters

Want to change an uninviting classroom into an inspiring place of learning?  Want to spice up the boring ivory walls in the new office space? Tired of staring at the same gray cubicle fabric for forty hours a week? Need to motivate yourself to quit partying and start studying? Attitude comes from within, but if you have to fake it until you make it, a motivational poster is a great place to start.

A motivational poster can add sophistication to an office or personality to a classroom. It can bring color and life to a cubicle overwhelmed with work papers and memos. An unframed poster will look great in a bedroom, and a well-matted one can bring professionalism to a home office.

Motivational posters can be purchased anywhere prints are sold. This includes most craft stores like Hobby Lobby, Michael’s and Aaron’s Brothers. Craft stores usually carry vintage art and classic prints, but also mix in the popular Advantus Winner’s Circle posters.

Motivational posters can come in any size, type or format. Advantus, however, creates the most popular motivational posters. These usually feature a striking photograph set against a solid colored background, with a character quality emblazoned on the bottom. These can be purchased as a print for $15-$50, depending on the size. Framing costs more, and can be done from about $20. Your local craft store will have several aisles of options and even a framing department.

Gift stores like Hallmark Stores and Carlton Cards are another good place to look for motivational posters. They do not have the Advantus Winner’s Circle line, but carry posters and other inspirational items.

If you do not have access to these places, the internet is a great resource. Websites like and offer a wide variety of posters. Many of the posters they offer feature humor, college humor, music and movies, but they also keep a motivational section. These can be ordered as posters for around $20. Both of these websites offer framing and matting services. Users can choose from many different combinations of mat, frame, and covering, and then can preview any combination with any print. The framing and matting does get rather expensive. A local frame shop may be able to do it a little cheaper, or at least without shipping. These sites are timely on orders, and offer e-mail tracking.

Wherever you get your posters, remember, motivation is just a spark. Success is up to you.


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