How To Find Part Time Jobs for Teens

Everyone knows the basics of looking for a job:

  • Look professional.
  • Be polite.
  • Be prepared.
  • Follow up.

Unfortunately, only about 20% of job applications result in a "bite." Improve your odds by applying to jobs that fit your personality. Employers know what they need and personalities that fit the position will get the job. Use this chart to match your personality with potential jobs.

Personality: Gamer

Potential Jobs: Video store or video game store employee.
Comments: Some require staff to be 18 and over due to adult content.

Personality: Reader

Potential Jobs:  Bookstore. Library. Tutor. Coffee shop.

  • Librarians are degreed, but teens may run the circulation desk.
  • Many tutoring firms hire exceptional students. Teens may also check community centers, library bulletin boards and ask guidance counselors.
  • Starbucks requires 18+, but local independents may not.

Personality: Social Butterfly
Potential Jobs: Retail. Restaurant host/hostess. Coffee shop staff. Tour guide. Receptionist.

  • Retailers base their weekly labor budget on sales from the week before. Since sales=money, outgoing teens will excel.
  • Restaurant servers must be 18, but not hosts/hostesses.
  • Receptionists at health clubs, spas and resorts are usually part-time. These jobs also allow studying during downtime.

Personality: Athlete
Potential Jobs: Lifeguard. Summer camp counselor. Swim coach. Children's sport coach.

  • Lifeguards must be certified.
  • If you're good with kids, recreation centers love summer help.
  • They also may hire good athletes as teachers.

Personality: Mr. Handyman
Potential Jobs: Manual labor. Construction worker.


  • Most of these positions require you to be 18 or over. Teens with connections may get around these rules.

Personality: Loves Children
Potential Jobs: Daycare teacher. Summer camp counselor. Nanny.

  • Aside from daycares, try any business with a nursery, children's department, or places children would LOVE to have a birthday party.
  • Recreation centers love summer help.
  • Experienced nannies may earn a living while in college, and some even garner room and board.

Personality: Great Student
Potential Jobs: Tutor. Community College: bookstore, library, cafes.

  • Many tutoring firms hire exceptional students. Teens may also check community centers, library bulletin boards and ask guidance counselors.
  • Community college openings are open to everyone, and teens will love the environment.

Personality: College Bound
Potential Jobs: Pre-major. Community College: bookstore, library, cafes.

  • Ambitious teens may apply for low-level jobs at places they would like to work as adults. This provides insight into the industry and networking opportunities.

Personality: Expert at Something
Potential Job: Entrepreneurship.

  • Teens with expertise in any area may begin their careers by marketing themselves as independent contractors.

Whatever job you decide to take, remember you are a student first. Jobs come and go. What you do with your education, however, stays with you forever. By all means work, but work responsibly.


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