How To Get A Plus Certification

Almost anyone working in the field of computer technology should obtain the CompTia A Plus certification in order to open up doors within the career field. Many employers, regardless of experience level or other education, require their technical support and other computer technology employees have the A Plus certification.

Anyone can take the CompTia A Plus certification exam by simply signing up on CompTia's website and paying the exam fee. However, even most skilled workers in the field of computer technology need to brush up on their skills before taking the A Plus certification exam. A study guide that can be purchased at a local bookstore might be all that is needed for someone with a great deal of recent experience in the field of computer technology. A variety of study guides and study materials are available for the A Plus certification, so it is recommended that you spend some time browsing the bookstore before making your final selection. This will show you how to choose the format you prefer and believe you can best learn from.

People who are not so well-versed in the field of computer technology may desire to take an A Plus preparation class. These classes are available through many private schools, though the least expensive route tends to be at community colleges. Most community colleges offer affordable A Plus certification prep class. Many of these classes even qualify for college credit. At the end of many of the classes you will take a final exam that closely mimics the A Plus exam. Many colleges have a partnership with CompTia and are able to offer students who pass the final exam a discount on their A Plus exam.

Individuals that are inexperienced in the field of computer technology but are unable to make it to A Plus prep classes may wish to consider tutoring. Study guides are not likely be very beneficial for people without at least a mediocre working knowledge of the field of computer technology, so when classes are not an option due to lack of availability or time constraints, tutoring tends to be the best route. Ask friends and family if they know anyone that is qualified to tutor you for the A Plus exam, or post a sign stating that you are looking for a tutor at your local university.

Once you are ready for the exam, sign up on CompTia's website and make sure that you are on time for your A Plus certification exam.


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