How To Understand Graduate Scholarships

Going farther than just finishing a Bachelor’s degree is known as taking a graduate education. However, this is not the priority for most people especially since they need to be financially stable first. Good thing, there are graduate student scholarships for those who still want to learn in school but do not have enough financial support for this education.

If you are interested to enroll in any graduate academic scholarships, you first need to know the eligibility and requirements on these. But sad to say, student scholarships, engineering scholarships, international scholarships, academic scholarships, and even minority scholarships have different eligibilities and requirements. Even graduate scholarships for teachers, for minorities, and for women differ.

That is why the first thing you need to determine is the kind of graduate program you want to enroll in. After that, determining the eligibility and requirements of a specific graduate scholarship will be easy.

Common Graduate Scholarship Eligibilities

  • Citizenship. Most scholarships for graduate students are not internationally available. For instance, the Joseph-Armand Bombardier graduate scholarship program is only open for the residents of Canada. The Monash Research Graduate School works the same but with wider scope including the citizens of Australia and New Zealand. Graduate scholarship from University of Kent, on the other hand, is open for students of any citizenship as long as they pass other eligibilities and requirements.
  • College Graduate. This eligibility is just simple logic. You cannot be enrolled as a graduate student if you have not finished any college degree.
  • Academic standing. There is a required grade point average or GPA for graduate scholars; most is 3.0 GPA, like in the Community College Transfer Scholarship Programs. But some require higher GPA like in The Zonta Club of Springfield, which requires 2.7 GPA or better. Meanwhile, in the University of Kent, they require graduate scholars holding a Bachelor's degree with honors.
  • Studies. Depending on your interests or planned studies, a graduate scholarship may be awarded to you or not. For example, Kodak Scholarships are only offered for those planning to further their studies on film and cinematography. Xerox Technology Minority Scholarship, on the other hand, is awarded for those in the field of physics, engineering, chemistry, and other tech-related courses.

Common Graduate Scholarship Requirements

Again, these requirements will depend on the scholarship program. But most of these will require:

  • Transcript of records. This will be used to verify if your GPA qualifies or if your field of studies is related to the scholarship.
  • Letters of recommendation/endorsements. These letters may come from your dean, department head, or professors. Three letters of recommendations are usually required. These letters work as your character reference as well.
  • Application Form/Letter. There are downloadable application forms from the sponsor’s sites. If not, you will be required to write your application letter.
  • Essay. Graduate scholarships on research usually require writing an essay.

Aside from checking and compiling these eligibilities and requirements, it is also important that you submit all these on or before the deadline.

Developing your skills and having more knowledge can be your simple but very helpful way to help yourself and society enjoy a better world. So, if there is a chance to get a graduate scholarship, grab it. It’s for you and the community.


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