How To Become More Organized for School

Organization is a key to becoming a successful student.  Becoming more organized for school can lead to a student earning high grades.  These high grades can lead to scholarships to pay for college and to graduating with honors.  Earning good grades can lead to a professional career because many employers will be impressed to see how hard the student worked.  Becoming more organized for school can be accomplished by implementing a few steps.

In order to be organized students for school, a promise and willingness to make changes must be made by students.  Without these two attributes, the student will not be successful at being more organized for school.  Make the decision to be organized and commit to that decision.  Be prepared to make organization a priority during the entire school year to be successful at it.

After the decision to be more organized has been made, students should begin to organize their subjects.  Every subject should have its own notebook, folder, or binder.  If a large binder is used, dividers should be purchase to separate subjects.  Notebooks, folders and binders should have at least two pockets.  One pocket should store completed and graded assignments.  They should be organized by date.  The other pocket should store assignments that must be completed and turned in.  Also, any handouts with current notes teachers distribute should be included with the assignments to be turned in.  They may be needed to study for upcoming exams.

It is imperative that students have a study area at home.  This private study area should have a desk or table with a comfortable seat.  It should be the place where students store all of their school supplies.  It should be used for the sole purpose of studying.  The study area can be a bedroom, den, dining room or any place in the house or apartment where the student can concentrate.  Becoming a more organized student heavily involves having a place to go everyday to study.

Students should find out their learning styles to help them become more organized for school.  The three learning styles are visual, auditory or tactile.  Finding out what a student's learning style will help them study more effectively.  Take a learning style quiz, which can be found online, to determine the learning style.  If a student learns best by listening, they can ask their teacher if they can record lectures.  If students are visual learners, they can utilize graphs, charts and mind maps to organize data.  If students are tactile learners, they can request more homework from teachers or go to the library and check out books that will give them extra practice with the subjects they are learning.

Students, who want to become more organized for school, should use a daily planner consistently.


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