How To Buy a Petri Dish

The Petri dish has been very useful for science experiments. The range of people using this may include students of different levels to professionals who use it for work. It may come in different forms for various purposes.

Obtaining a Petri dish should not be a problem as it could readily be available in your area. You just need to take in consideration some places where you can find them. So to help you even more, here are some tips on how to buy one.

  • Determine what you need. Initially, you must know what kind of Petri dish you need to use. Research on the common types of Petri dish in your school library or search the Internet on what suits your experiment. Consider things such as its transparency and purpose, and if it should be sterilized or if it should contain agars. Remember that there are available ready to use agar filled Petri dishes which can save you the time and effort as compared to making one.
  • Glass vs. plastic. Consider your usage of the Petri dish when you are to buy one. If you are to use the Petri dish for a single experiment, it’s best to purchase a plastic or disposable Petri dish. This is cheaper than a glass Petri dish. In contrast, if you are to use the Petri dish repeatedly, it’s recommended to go for the glass type. This way, you can autoclave it and reuse it anytime you needed it.
  • Check your local science supply stores. You can go to your local science supply stores and ask them directly. If you don’t know the store location, you can ask your school lab personnel where they get their science supplies for the school. Get the store’s address and contact number.
  • Other shops that’s worth the try. If you only need an ordinary Petri dish to hold a rock or a simple object, you can look for low-priced dishes that could double as an alternative. Look into thrift stores for comparable items to your Petri dish.
You can also check condiment cups in supermarkets or restaurant supplies as a next option to your Petri dish. Choose one that is about the size you need. This is also one of the cheapest choices you have in buying a Petri dish.
  • Search online. If there are no science supply stores near your area, you can always hit the Internet to search for one. There are available online science supply shops that could address your inquiry. You should consider the location and shipment as well as your budget regarding the purchase of your Petri dish. Ask on the minimum quantity required for the purchase and the time needed for delivery. Take note of their policies regarding the shipment and replacement should any untoward incident occur.

You can now be sure that you can purchase a Petri dish. With all the options given, you don’t need to wonder anymore where you can buy one. Go ahead and use your new Petri dish for your science experiments!


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